-r–r–r– setupTermuxArch
-rwxrwxrwx setupTermuxArch

There are a number of ways you can start Arch Linux in Termux once installed. Three methods of starting Arch Linux in Termux after installing are outlined here:

1) Run ~/arch/startarch at the bash prompt. The bash shell interpreter is important!

2) Run startarch if you chose “copy to $PATH” during install. The bash shell interpreter is important!

3) Run chsh and change your login shell to startarch. Option 2 is required for this option to run correctly. When you open a session in Termux, it will login to Arch Linux. Important to undo this change and return to your Termux login, delete .termux/shell since chsh will be unavailable in Arch Linux to change your login shell.

These are three options. Certainly there a more ways to start an Arch Linux login in Termux on device. For the beginner CLI (Command Line Interface) user, option 2 “copy to $PATH during install” is recommended. Enjoy running Arch Linux in Termux on your device 📲