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-r–r–r– archsystemconfigs.bash
-r–r–r– espritfunctions.bash
-r–r–r– getimagefunctions.bash
-r–r–r– knownconfigurations.bash
-r–r–r– necessaryfunctions.bash
-r–r–r– printoutstatements.bash
-r–r–r– setupTermuxArch.bash
-rw-rw-rw- setupTermuxArch.tar.gz
-r–r–r– systemmaintenance.bash

Contributions have helped in the successful development of this script and project immensely. This is a Notice to Contributors 📲 Thank you for contributing and collaborating!

Source code goals for this project are:

  1. That it work as desired and provide the ultimate user experience possible when executed,
  2. A minimum of SSD write cycles as possible, along with minimum lines and length of code as possible, while still being obviously legible and clearly readable and understandable, all at the same time; The code should be a pleasure to read, including the documentation too.

Two BASH source code linting aides used to achieve this project goal are:


Very many contributions have helped in the successful development of this script and project immensely. Understanding the goals and workings of this project can make interacting with this project all the more rewarding. If you are considering collaborating, help is wanted in:

  1. Coding - Submit modifications in the scripts/files directory at Run .scripts/maintenance/scrips/bash/tgen.bash to generate checksums and files,
  2. Documentation - Submit modifications at,
  3. Animations and Screenshots - Please contribute modifications at

These pages and projects can be altered to our desire. Please think of them as a wiki pages that you have access to change if you want. Thank you for contributing and collaborating to those who have helped improve this project.

Additional information:

To avoid “git bloat”, these repositories are reset periodically! This is also one of the reasons why this project is distributed in these repositories. If you get a fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories message while working with your current clone, save the important work from your current clone and reclone.

To understand more about “git bloat”, run du -hs .git on older more mature projects. Some might have a very large .git directory. A very large .git directory can impede working with a git repository, especially when utilizing a slow Internet connection. This is why this repository is periodically reset.

Thanks for making this project work; Please contribute 🔆  See contributors. See PRoot for more information about Linux on device with Termux.